Ashdown Dual Band Compression
Ashdown Dual Band Compression

Dual Band Compression, Bass Compressor/Limiter from Ashdown.

B4553 12/15/2006

Ashdown Dual Band Compression : B4553's user review


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- What are the effects or types of effects available?
Compression ... in theory ... tested on a Cort A4 gold, the sound was my sound, 1:30 spite of various tests, the better without the effect ... concern.
The sound loses greatly in wealth ... it is the only compressor I tested leading to the (poor) results. I was looking for the compressor perfect for slap, and this is the worst!


The dual band configuration, plus an equalizer for a sound choice too bright and aggressive or deaf ... you can also leave it in neutral so as not to kill the sound.
The two knob compression can mute the choice of the bass or treble, pox to any part of the spectrum (royal!)
You also have two knobs / O to control the saturation level of the machine! What happiness
So disappointing if we tested a boss or an EBS before ...


Mediocre is a word that comes to mind when thinking about her that I managed to produce with the beast ... I hesitate, however, with execrable.


Tested 1:30 ... I did not love anything in this pedal, although the effect unwanted distortion can probably be exploited by a punk.
The price / quality ratio is obviously a shame!
I post this notice mainly to avoid terrible disappointment to someone buying "random" the first compressor.
I put all the same in a global opinion for the look of the machine worked ...