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Bass Effects user reviews

  • Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass

    Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass - "Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9"


    Bought this thing used off of ebay but it was pretty much so brand new and only paid 75 bucks for it! Retail is about 100 bucks brand new This thing has the best blues and classic rock sound! You can even crank the drive and get a pretty good crunc…

  • DigiTech BP200

    DigiTech BP200 - "Digitech BP200 Version 1.1"


    I bought this unit for $150 at my local Guiter Center store. I had been playing bass for many years, and wanted to consolidate my tuner, compresser, and noise gate together, and also wanted to try some mild effects to slightly color the sound. The …

  • Akai Professional Unibass UB1

    Akai Professional Unibass UB1 - "Akai UB1 UniBass"


    I got this from Musician's Friend, paid about $170 for it. I was looking for an octaver and this one goes up & down various pitches, with or without distortion. I have had it about 2 years. Easy to use. Very cool if you are in a band with only 1 gui…

  • DigiTech BP200

    DigiTech BP200 - "digitech BP 200"


    I play in a futuristic band (the verve meets kraftwerk?) and therefore required more versatility of sound than normally desirable from a bassist. I bought it a couple of months back in Denmark street, London for the princely sum of £149. I am awar…

  • Dunlop GCB100 Cry Baby Bass

    Dunlop GCB100 Cry Baby Bass - "Jim Dunlop GBC-100 Bass Wah"


    A friend bought it for me as a Christmas gift. He purchased it from an internet vendor for about $90. Extremely rugged construction. 9 Volt electronics are not much good for bass units. I get the feeling this is a guitar wah with a single capac…

  • DigiTech Bass Synth Wah

    DigiTech Bass Synth Wah - "Digitech Bass Wah Envelope Filter"


    abramhs music kingston ny. 80.00 i bought this distortion box to have fun with the old classics like sabbath and zep and hendrix. it does not dissapoint. there are a wide range of cool effects for playing classic rock i love the auto wah effect an…

  • Zoom 506II Bass

    Zoom 506II Bass - "Zoom 506 II Bass Effects"


    I got this Zoom unit for Christmas my parents paid about $70 american for it, i asked for it so i could have some decent effects without paying alot Pros:On/Off is easy, unlike v amp it comes on automatically Fairly good effects Decent…

  • Zoom BFX-708

    Zoom BFX-708 - "Zoom BFX 708"


    Purchased from Music Retail Store. Paid $109.99 (in July of 2001) without AC adapter. Best choice for the money at the time. Unit is very easy to use. Selecting and editing patches is straight-forward and intuitive. Overall sound is good. It ha…

  • DigiTech BP200

    DigiTech BP200 - "Digitech BP 200 Multi-Effect"


    I got mine at guiter center for 149.95 plus tax. I had been looking at multi-effect pedals for a while, and at one point had settled on the zoom 607 (I think that's the right number, but anyway...). But then I found an article comparing it with the b…

  • DOD Bass30

    DOD Bass30 - "DOD Bass 30"


    Musician's Friend, $100. I couldn't NOT try it at this price. I had planned to buy a more expensive unit, but... This unit has amp modeling, EQ, fretless, wah and autowah, compressor, synth, fuzzes and distortions (which I don't use), envelopes, fla…