Ampeg SVT-350H
Ampeg SVT-350H

SVT-350H, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

bikerbass 09/20/2012

Ampeg SVT-350H : bikerbass's user review

«  Very good amp »

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350 w amp transistor all made in usa (important when you see the Asian manufacturing)
one black dot: no speakon plug (it is picky ...)


not need manual to realize that it's Ampeg, bassist worthy of the name, even a beginner, come to find his sound, for my part I play alternative rock us and I did not put 2 mins to find I was looking for.


I use a Fender Precision us 64 'reissue of 2008, this is the perfect marriage!, To say I also have a V delux JB, I have not even tried it with so I meet these criteria with precision. Obviously I coupled with my 410 cab He us is that of happiness. and it sounds as when I plugged the Kruger galien 410 is a little less typical, but it sounds, this is to say ...


I highly recommend this head for the sound, I highly recommend, I separerais only if I have the opportunity to have a SVT CL or VR.