Ampeg SVT-350H
Ampeg SVT-350H

SVT-350H, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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diGo 08/09/2014

Ampeg SVT-350H : diGo's user review

«  Solid and reliable. »

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Amp transistor 350w sub 4ohm.
Jack input with small switch (active / passive)
Gain-Bass-Middle-Trebble-Volume knobs for
9-band EQ to fine-tune (or not, I put in bypass)
Small compressor / limiter switchable (bypassed too)
We go out jack and preferably in a body of quality, sensitive, a 810av for example.

Behind andmore of the output Jack HP, there's input / output jacks including:
-Entrance Amp, if you want to use another preamp ...
-Sorti Preamp, if you want to use the preamp on another amp
-A effects loop with Send and Return
Out-a balanced XLR output
-A switch Pre / Post
Switch-a-20dB / 0dB

I put 6 because it is not the transistor and the lamp, and it's still the minimum offer various inputs and outputs, effects loops, XLR output is good but there's nothing to s 'rave ...


Must not have been the ENA to know how to use this amp.
Clean sound is pretty good. It's round, slamming deep ... You can get a good variety of sounds as you like. The transistor that has character and that holds up.

With a distortion is another thing ... it's cold ... and no lights at all levels is acute

You still have to admit, it's a AMPEG is typical and it's made to play rock.
When one puts a good bass that goes to rock, and you plug it into a body in the same proportion to the size of his ego brand it sounds.
On a 410, as the body is less sensitive, you still have to push a lot if you play with guys that have a large volume ... with a 810 is imposed direct some respect.

For example, jazzeux BTW go see if they want their shitty sound like a bass plugged into a stereo ... although removing all acute and spending 5 minutes on the EQ can reach a its almost as pourrave.


He served several punk rock bands and conviennait style perfectly.
It is also used in a pop rock band with a Squier Jazz Bass and it works well.
I used a lot in my group of grunge / stoner with a Gibson SG and a low distortion tube and it was not bad but as soon as I was able to retrieve an all-tube amp, I felt the difference.

I put 6 because the sound is ok but not transcendental. When we played on an Ampeg tube, we understand why it's more expensive, especially distortion.


I needed an amp quickly but I was not a big budget then this opportunity has done the trick.
No breakdown. Not very heavy. You can store stuff behind 2-3.
I have often seen the 450H with other groups with which we played when I was punk rock, 100w over it not worth it in my opinion because you may already have an impressive level with the 350H.

I put 7 because it still holds water and helps me regularly.
Amp to have in spare, just in case, or to lend to a good friend without worry.
But when you can afford a tube amp, it's worth it to change, even if it is a money pump, but that's another debate ...