Ampeg SVT-350H
Ampeg SVT-350H

SVT-350H, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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benhiamoul 11/14/2005

Ampeg SVT-350H : benhiamoul's user review


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The SVT-350 is a head while transisitor (for Systm Mosfet) of the SERIES Classic. It dlivre 350 watts into 4 ohms and 200 watts into 8 ohms.

At the front: a switch between jack with active / passive, a gain knob, a bass, one of mdiums (the famous ultra-mid of Ampeg), a treble, and a knob of with volume limiter switch, a 9-band qualiseur grams per switch.
At the rear: an effects loop, two speakers outputs, an output table ...

It measures approximately 60x29x33cm and PSE almost 20kg. Two grips on cots, and lots of room for storing cables and other effect pedals derrire under the Systm amplification.


The configuration could not be simpler (see above): a gain, a master, a knob of acute, one of mediums, a serious, and it's not enough, there is a 9 bands equalizer graffable.

This gives a good sound quickly trs! I never had the manual in the hands but I have not felt the need.

In addition, convenience, the transistor has at least the advantage of not having chang be "every other day" as the lamps. You buy, you connect, you tweak 2 minutes and you have the sound you are looking for!


No doubt, it is an Ampeg: a BIG warm and bright! Transistors to a head, she did not blush a pretty face of its competitors lamps.

I use it for the moment with an Ibanez Soundgear (passive) but that will probably not last (once my bank account-in-handed level, I intend to invest in a better quality bass Stringray type MM) . I also had the opportunity to play with a Fender Precision, and no surprises, it's even better!

In all cases, the head fits perfectly my expectations. I was looking for this sound so SPECIFICATIONS home Ampeg, and I did. It should all - is the style of music that I play with my band (rock / punk), and is versatile enough to allow me to go in registers DIFFERENT (Metal, Funk, Ska, Reggae) we int gronn in our compound, hardcore punk majority areas.

I use it mostly with qualo "V", and which is part of the knobs, with lots of bass and gain, treble and a little bit of mdiums: It's me gives a warm and bright, although Submitted trs and dynamic, the little I drang in the sound that comes out of my assurment low which is certainly not the height ... In any case, I could realize it when I tried it with precision.
This head provides a broad range of sounds but trs rock type (broadly defined). At the same time, to be expected: it rarely achte Ampeg to play the Blues or Reggae ... though as I said prcdemment it s'avre be quite versatile.


I have not been of shekels, but it suits me - done! I purchase a price rsonnable and I am satisfied with TRS! We will see over time if I track the limits, but it is of the same good.

Well, it clearly is not playing in the same court as the famous SVT-Classic (which is the Rolls in the registry) but it is much suprieure many more of these direct competitors, m my lamps! I tried other amps in Trace Elliot, Hartke (beurk!) or in more modern home sries Ampeg (SERIES B and SERIES Pro) and I prfr the SVT-350. That said, I do not really look that the SWR ct parrait trs too. Do not even talk about Mesa or other Marshall taient financirement innabordables for me. And then, having heard the sound I was looking for with the bassists who use Ampeg Classic SERIES I knew c'tait to ca need to lean, and it is no wolf!

Regarding the price, it is clear qu'Ampeg is fun, and that's why I opt for the occasion '! This is the problem with Ampeg LORD: it sounds, but it is paid! In retrospect, definitely I would do this choice ... unless it does not offer me an SVT-Classic Used to the same price as the new SVT-350, in which case I would prt ruin me! Otherwise, this head is all I expected: it is powerful, robust, efficient, easy to use, and above all it sounds! A great big warm and bright as I love them!