Ampeg SVT-4 Pro
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

SVT-4 Pro, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the SVT Pro series.

MGR/Kevin 05/21/2003

Ampeg SVT-4 Pro : MGR/Kevin's user review

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I received an SVT 4 Pro through Ampeg's Artist Relations Dept. I ran it through every possible combination listed in the owners manual while using Ampeg SVT410HLF and SVT210HE cabs. I set the pre amp volume so that the clip light came on during the strongest signals as recommended in the owners manual. I had to turn the master up to 3/4 or higher in order to be heard with a relatively low stage volume blues band. I returned the head and received another one and had the same problem. I went to a local music store and played through their's and also was unable to obtain an acceptable volume level. In fact my GK 800 RB has more balls! After calling Ampeg, I traded my cabinets in for an SVT 810. I still must crank the volume to over 3/4 in order to be heard clearly even during rehearsal. We are not a loud band. The most I ever turned my GK up was to 1/2 and that was at an outdoor gig. I am disappointed by the lack of balls the SVT4PRO has. I expected more. I have run it bi-amped, mono, stereo, bridged and I still can't get the volume that I should. The tone is phenomenal but what good is it if you can't hear it. I am playing quality basses, 76 Fender Precision, 78 Fender Jazz and Musicman Stingray 5 String with active electronics. If I push in the DB pad button while using the Musicman (as recommended for active electronics), I can barely hear it at all. I expected much much more from Ampeg. I used vintage tube heads for years and I am disappointed with the current Ampeg product line.

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