Fender Bassman 1200 Pro
Fender Bassman 1200 Pro

Bassman 1200 Pro, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Fender in the Bassman series.

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Böb_354 12/16/2008

Fender Bassman 1200 Pro : Böb_354's user review


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This is a hybrid amp, meaning it uses the two technologies: Lamps preamp and amp transistors. It delivers 1200W/2ohms via 4 output jack / /. The settings are many: two input channels, bright or saturated (adjustable) and mixable with each other. Tone: low, high, 3 boost: deep / mid Nocht / bright. 10-band EQ switchable. Double cuts mixable high / low and switches. Input selector for low active / passive (active =- 6dB down). Bypass input to match. XLR Line-out switchable pre or post preamp, which allows to impose or not the settings to concsole mix. Finally, the selection of CHANNELS, EQ and compression, can switch the foot with a 3-button footswitch.


Despite a seemingly complicated equipment, all this is logical, clear and above all effective. I advice, of course, start with the basic sound of the beast: clear channel with artillery boost / EQ / comp disengaged and tones in the center. If the bass player, bass and HP are correct, it sounds immediately and the sound is among the best amps in the walk. The use (if necessary) of possibilities must then be made in sections, independently of each other prior to mixing, because the interaction of all these settings can be confusing. The goal is, (obviously some manic effects forget) to get a good sound, not a vomit, and void of power ... The manual is pro, complete with a real structural diagram of the + unit-test points. Too rare! It's reassuring in case of failure ...


This amp can, by its ability, stick to any style of zic. I use a Fender Precision, without ancillary effects, the amp is more than enough to me. All the sonic possibilities of this amp is quality.


I use it for 5 years. The characteristic I like most about this is the bassman sound (no kidding?), Coupled with the fact that it is compact (2U 15kg) in view of its colossal power. At the time of purchase, it was "opposite" of a VBA400 Marshall, an Ampeg SVT II and an Orange 200B ... my choice was the Fender Bassman 1200 for the report: possibilities of sound / weight / price. It turns out that it is more reliable, after about 150 concerts and a few thousand km, it did not budge. If I am asked the tunes on the table to make another choice, it's a safe bet that I refasses the same ...