TC Electronic RH450

RH450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the RH Amps series.

mosky 04/16/2010

TC Electronic RH450 : mosky's user review


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See doc builder on:


Configuration very simple.

Manuel clear, it is always useful to read to learn some subtlety!

The sound is like dad in mom ;-)


Genre Rock, Hard Rock, no problem to do a big sound, with a real rgal Tubetone it!

Use this time with a Warwick Streamer II 5 strings and strings with a 4, I test alone and with a G-Force in the loop, my ears no significant loss of signal.

It's been a day that I have so for now what I most aprcier is the dynamics of sound, I play less than before and I get better ;-)


One day!

Test and compare with a classic Ampeg SVT-4 Pro + baffle 810 and there are no pictures, I am left with the TC ....

Dj I play a lot of amp and I really won!

What I like most presets, the SpectraComp the Tubetone, dynamics, in short the amp IN GENERAL ...
What I like least, the presets because there are only three cases!