TC Electronic RH450

RH450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the RH Amps series.

berger 02/11/2010

TC Electronic RH450 : berger's user review


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See different doc.
450w into 4ohms is enough.
As with all digital, there is not the coil that weighs 3 tonnes and which emits magnetic fields formidable to the microphones.
The handle on the side is representative of a desire to make CT a practical object and adapted to the bassist.
Can be a little weak on sound speakers, such 2x500watt ;-)


Usage is Simplicime.
formwork is active or passive bass it is doing itself to adapt the input signal.
Then the 4 slices of equalization are perfectly identifiable.
The simulation of "tube" is clean and that it is cut by octave band is super smart.
then after the most:
3 memories, it's so convenient that you wonder why they limited to 3!
the magic touch:
which converts the gain compressor, such as the "tube" is divided by frequency band (5) this gives a compression always clean and balanced. Even if one does not understand compression just listen and turn the knurled knob and choose what suits. Be careful though the perception of compression depends on the overall sound volume (low volume we pay higher compression, you should consider it before you save your setting that will serve you by repeating your muscular drummer, guitarist and your rage.


The sound is incredibly accurate, meaning that if you play rough with a fingering unlikely you will have a sound draft.
The fact that the head (cutting octave bands of compression and the tube) every single sound balance of risk given his admittedly very good, but somewhat uniform regardless of the bassist. to see!
Tried on 5c Ibanez btb 505 nickel mean the absence of good bass ;-)
and Barillon 5c Fretless (Benedetti + sensor Schertler) .... oouuuufff, awesome, that said, I am still under the emotion.
I put 9 / 10 because I fear that soon the whole world have the same sound.


good AC is only 2 weeks .. super
and then the headphone jack, my girlfriend thought it was awesome.
Otherwise, I change my amp about once every 10 years (I have a head ampeg please pro with thousands of lamps in)
so there I hope the TC will keep me long enough.
And no I will not go the option of purchasing a second RebelHead, slightly less than 1000 euros must be a little careful ;-)
For value for money although he saw the prices at scandalité for ampeg heads that I find a little old and outdated (but hey it's the best one with which it is) the TC 450 is worth it.
At this level of high-end head, there is no bad heads merely heads who do not return?
I'm really happy with this RebelHead.