Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15
Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15

Rumble 100 Combo 1x15, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

MGR/Anonymous 01/18/2005

Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought this amp from Musicians Friend June '04 for $299 + a bit of freight. I had been looking for a small but somewhat powerful amp for recording projects,something that would'nt take up a lot of floor space in my studio. This amp fit the bill in this regard.

Don't let it's compact size fool you! This little amp gets plenty loud! The 15" speaker really pumps! The EQ parameters allow for a wide range of tones, from a bright treblely sound (the horn helps here)to a deep wall shaking tone that does not get muddy at all, and anything in between. There's a CD input and a line out jack that adds more versatility.Heavy duty carpet covered construction,large plastic corners,metal grille all add to the quality of this amp.

The cabinet could have used side mounted carrying handles,as opposed to the top strap handle.The unit weighs around 60lbs. The red pulsating lights at the bottom are kinda gimmicky, but that should not stop anyone from owning one.(their sorta cool in the dark actually!)

Very solid construction for a smaller combo.The speakers are very good sounding,again for a smaller amp. I'm not sure how this amp would stand up under gigging standards or performing with a loud band,but for the studio,practice and smaller rooms this would be fine. Leave the larger stages for the "Big Boys"

All in all I have been pleased with the performance of this amp. Since my use of it is contained to the studio, I dont have reason to really "put it through the paces" by using it at high volumes for hours on end, but for a first amp or for smaller gigs or studio use it would be a good choice and is worth the price.

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