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MGR/Peter B 11/27/2003

Roland CB-30 : MGR/Peter B's user review

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Bought via internet in England for £165 delivered next day.
Bought because my souped-up Trace Elliot 300watt 15" combo weighs 80lbs and my back was beginning to hurt carrying it to every practice.

This unit is very good indeed for the price paid. It will fill a small venue with quality sounds, and is excellent for rehearsals.

Would prefer it not to go silent when the line out (headphone)is used. If it worked with a line out it would make a great little stage amp for the jazzy blues type gigs I do with the line out into the PA

The onboard effects, although limited in variability give a genuine extra dimension to the useful amp modelling options. The coaxial tweeter improves the top end and enhances the chorus/flanging options. Solidly made and comes with 3 year guarantee if registered. Although very compact it still weighs 28lbs!

I love it to death and if Roland ever reply to my enquiry about the line out problem with a favourable solution I would love it even more.

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