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MGR/Emily Z 09/06/2004

Roland CB-30 : MGR/Emily Z's user review

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I got this amp at a Heid Music in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I paid $250 for it, new.

It's built really solid, and sounds amazing. The 2-way coaxial speaker (10", I don't know what company) combined with the little tweeter brings my bass's full range. Just as good low's as high's, and everything in between. The effects are really easy to use. All you have to do is turn the knobs. Conveniently, there is one knob for flange, chorus, and auto-wah, and a separate knob for reverb and delay. You can also hook up a footswitch to turn those on and off. I like this because I often combine reverb with other effects. By the way, the effects are perfect. They sound really analog-ish, and are not overbearing or wussy. The built-in compression gives my bass just the right amount of kick. It is useful, considering the fact that the amp is only 30 watts. The gain control helps with that, too. There are more amp models on here than I will ever need. Models are easy to use, also. (Just turn the knob) The bass man model, and the octave bass model are my favorite. Also, I like the shape button. The manual tells you all about what the shape button does for each amp model. It's a cool little bonus which allows you to get just the right sound.
This thing is indestructible. A little heavy, but I'm pretty small, so I guess that doesn't count. I use this unit with my squeir p-bass special. Yes, this amp makes my cheap bass sound like a million bucks. I am mainly a guitar player, so I also use this amp sometimes with my fender strat w/lace sensors. It sounds really good with an electric guitar, and equally good with an acoustic. All around, this is a very useful amp for bass and clean guitar. It does not rattle at high volume, and the tone is equally awesome at any volume. I also like the auxiliary input. This amp is not loud enough for a big gig or a loud band, but it is amazing for rehearsal, small gigs, and especially recording. If you are a gear/tone geek like me, you will love it. It sounds like a really expensive amp. I'm telling you, this thing is not lacking in sound quality or ease of use. It is perfect.

Sometimes when using the octave setting, if two or more notes are played together, it may sound out of tune. However, if you turn the shape button off, it solves this problem pretty well. The manual tells you about this problem and what you can do about it.
I wish they made a version of this amp with more wattage. I would like to use it on stage. I know they recently came out with a 60-watt guitar cube. Maybe they will do the same for the bass cube soon.

Built really solid. It has corner protection, thick wooden sides, and a metal grille on the front, instead of grille cloth. It looks bad-ass.

There is not a whole lot I can complain about with this amp. I also own some cheaper gear for my guitar, and after playing a Roland cube, I don't want to own anything that is lower quality. Roland stuff is more expensive than the other gear I own, but it is not unaffordable like most quality gear. I would say that the price is perfect for what you get from it. It is not a value-brand at all. This amp is way easier to use than those extremely detailed, digital, computer-ish modeling amps. I would reccomend Roland cube amps to anyone looking for a versatile sound, that is high-quality and very reasonably priced.

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