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MGR/jaffa110 02/21/2006

Roland CB-30 : MGR/jaffa110's user review

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I play mostly for fun. I'm am in a band called Montainne with a couple of mates.
I mostly play classic rock, with a little blues and punk thrown in.

I bought this amp from a local store, Leading Edge Music Horsham (thats in Autralia NOT England. I got it cos i wanted a really good amp to start with. I figured a good bass thru a shit amp will sound shit, vice versa, a bad bass thru a good amp will at least sound ok. And this amp isnt good... its fucking awesome! I got it for $450 AUD

I like the versatality and the small size of the amp. For a 30 watt this thing is loud! With gain and volume set to full my windows shake and yet each note is still relativly clear. I like the amp modelling, it means i can change my sound without screwing around with my EQ settings.

The sheer amount of digital effewcts built into this thing gives it a little bit of a metallic sound, I guess this is ok for some people, but i hate it. It takes ages to get the right sound out of it, because there are so many knobs. When you have a little brother who mucks around with it and it takes an hour to get ur settings right, its very annoying.

This thing is built like a brick shithouse. No worries at all.

This amp is great for the price, but you have to have a good idea of the sound you want to get it right so its nopt for beginners. Highly recommended to intermediate/pro players.

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