Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal
Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal

FV-50H Volume Pedal, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Boss in the FV series.

Skydog 08/25/2010

Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal : Skydog's user review

«  A volume pedal that makes his job »

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Value For Money : Correct
It is therefore a volume pedal. The principle it works like a wah-wah (without bypass on the other hand), except that there is to control the volume. Therefore, raised position, it leaves his system up, heading down, we lower / off the sound. A small volume pot on the side adjusts the sensitivity of variation in volume. This means that you can set it to mute the sound completely in the down position, or set it to lower the volume to move in rhythmic example.

Note, it is possible that even with a muted yet fully perceive it a little bit of sound (that said, the goal is not to play when you cut the sound so ...)


Very easy to use.


No modification of the sound. I remember what I said above: it may be that we sometimes hear a little sound when the volume is cut entirely.


I use it for two months but is quick to identify a product.
Value for money correct, although it would have been nice to design a metal armature. To see if it holds the road together.

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