Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal
Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal

FV-50H Volume Pedal, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Boss in the FV series.

vincislex 03/27/2011

Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal : vincislex's user review

«  Well ... but ... »

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This is a volume pedal. Not very complicated. 2 IN / 2 OUT adjustment of intensity and a bypass for tuner.

All Plastic = delicate, what


Ultra easy to use.

The problem is that it is light ... Forget to use it "as is" on the ground ... I'm currently making one of my pedal-board where it is wedged .. It is better ... A hand on the carpet and again) ... it slides.


Well, there are "crackling" ... it is a rack ... So too fragile ...

It has been several years since I've ... I've never used a lot ... And even less cleaned ... Should "dust off" the connectors may be ...

I've got information for that ...


Good volume pedal not too expensive to start ... If you want something really reliable ... aim for the metal models Morley (opto-mechanical), or from Jim Dunlop Ernie Ball ... is of course not the same price ...

To you know ...

I now make me a pedal-board "analog" ... I will probably replace it with something else ... Ok it cost me fifty or € ... but if I can not remove the crackling, I will buy another more expensive ... this will be eg 90 € for the 50 + € morley thereof ... In short, I lost 50 € in the so-called economy made the day I chose this Boss. Moreover, by the way ... and trying other brands, I separate myself quickly BOSS pedals (except perhaps the "looper" RC-2 handy)