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Bose user reviews

  • Bose Companion 5

    Bose Companion 5 - " 5 years later"


    Hi, I just found my 2008 opinion. 5 years (not a malfunction) Now that my office is completely soundproof, almost an anechoic chamber, the sound is beautiful. (Always with the speakers on the same plane, not directed at you) Those who compla…

  • Bose 301 series II

    Bose 301 series II - radikal's review


    By dint hear good bass on small speakers Bose in bars j've decided to marque.Après interest to some research on Audiofanzine c is the model 301 series 2 that I have retenu.J have already tried Yamaha NS10, Alesis Monitor 2, Dynaudio BM15A, Cabasse Sa…

  • Bose Wave Music System

    Bose Wave Music System - " Mixed Review - CD Fragile"


    - Since 6 years - Have not tried other devices Value + noise with respect to the space - CD Player Operation (swallower disc patina) - I would buy this product not …

  • Bose 301 series II

    Bose 301 series II - " ITS AMAZING"


    Purchased with HS suspensions boomers, I changed without too much difficulty. They were first DriveES through an amp Technics SU7700 I quickly replaced by SCOTT A436 driver with the card and new power transistors. A cocktail I recommend you to listen…

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - " bose 802 or nothing"


    I just acquire a pair of bose 802 series 1 original (400 euros ocas) j yesterday have made the acquisition of a sub 46cm active subwoofer yamaha 800w 118W ref dsr; bought nine (999euros) my little Christmas present, and yes has 53 rods; jy always bel…

  • Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass

    Bose L1 Model 1S with B1 Bass - " Very good"


    I use it then 3 weeks I work with a lot of traditional good brand (yamaha rcf, fbt ...) What I like most is the dispersion of the quasi-homogeneous, weight, sound! What I like least for the moment is the feedback (it hangs quite personal I foun…

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - " It's still not terrible."


    I use a pair of 802 II with correction for 5 years. They serve me back foot bath voice. I had before DIY wedges feature a 12 "and a compressor. They are driven by an old yamaha 2X300 watts very good. The sound is awful, very medium, without bo…

  • Bose QuietComfort 15

    Bose QuietComfort 15 - " Not bad at all."


    - I've been using a little meadows 1 week. - Level headphones I've tried a lot as the best known. (HD 25, Beats by dre, the Sony MDR ..) - Advantages: Comfort! A great headphone for the meeting at ear level, ambient noise completely disappeared…

  • Bose 802 Series II

    Bose 802 Series II - " I'm a fan!"


    -How long have you been using? I just bought two 802 and 802C II. I use it already for 3 consecutive days for dubbing groups and DJs, but each time coupled with a sub. In particular, I am with a concert in a large hall with about 200 people, in…

  • Bose L1 Compact System

    Bose L1 Compact System - " Super compromise"


    With my group we went from one classic façade system over a set bose back without regret singer-guitarist has l1 model 2 bass and electronic drums on two out of l1 compact subwoofer jbl eon 518 s on a small table macki fx8 pro 'or we connect 2 microp…