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Casio Privia user reviews

  • Casio PX-310

    Casio PX-310 - " Bluffing"


    Keypad 88 keys heavy touch. A palette of sounds available but I only use the piano sound. Outputs noon, jack, and pedals. UTILIZATION Heavy touch. I was positively surprised because I had a bad a priori Casio. Clear but useless manual. Ea…

  • Casio PX-330

    Casio PX-330 - " Yes, but ..."


    Heavy hit 88 notes (without aftertouch). Over 20 sounds of acoustic pianos and over 10 electric piano sounds. Other sounds categorized (Guitar / Bass, String ...) good bills. Over 250 GM sounds. The sounds are not editable. Both effects are…

  • Casio PX-830

    Casio PX-830 - " Casio PX-830"


    88 keys, noon, 2 * 20 watts, sd card to Register UTILIZATION very good feel heavy. Keyboard little noisy compared to a lot of other pianos tested Very good piano sounds (classical and modern), piaano electric 60's excelent, B3 organ, harpsichor…

  • Casio PX-350

    Casio PX-350 - " I love!"


    This is a "piano", so 88 keys, full connectivity: Audio out / in, MIDI, USB to PC, USB drive, etc. ... 250 sounds, reverb & chorus effects, some possible changes but the essence is there. UTILIZATION The keyboard is stunning! By far the best I'…

  • Casio PX-150

    Casio PX-150 - " very good value for money"


    Keyboard 88 keys, hit heavy and imitation wood & ivory USB connection (noon) 1 sustain pedal 2 stereo outputs (stereo jacks headphone jack) 18 Music UTILIZATION The touch is very correct, it suits me perfectly, I personally find it above …

  • Casio PX-5S

    Casio PX-5S - " Good first impression!"


    it referred to the manufacturer website UTILIZATION Touch and really not bad, finally, for me that's enough! on the other hand, comes with a basic manual, they have downloaded the full manual (in English) on their site. We can use access quic…

  • Casio PX-110

    Casio PX-110 - " Excellent value (touch, sound, production) / price!"


    88 Keys Ultra Light! (Worn under the arm or in the back with a single shoulder strap ... huge asset to the stage!) Stereo Grand Piano sound, plus other sounds (violin, bass, rhodes, ability to combine the sounds of them, several sets of battery s…

  • Casio PX-330

    Casio PX-330 - " very good value for money"


    88 keys: heavy hit to 3 sensors, buttons and beautiful big difference between low and high, very natural, very good hit which remains probably lighter in comparison with other keyboard to € 3000, as well as digital pianos to 500 € more expensive (for…

  • Casio PX-330

    Casio PX-330 - " excellent value for money"


    88 Key: 3 sensors to hit heavy, beautiful and good key difference between low and high, very natural, very good hit, as well as digital pianos to 500 € more expensive 128 polyphony: unique at this price! type arranger yamaha tyros 2 (I have one t…

  • Casio PX-130

    Casio PX-130 - " I love it!"


    How many octaves? 88 Keys What connection (Audio, MIDI, pedals ...)? ... 2 headphone jacks (small jack) 1 USB port 1 sustain pedals included An external power supply included How many sounds effects available? Are ditables? 16 so…