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Casio Privia user reviews

  • Casio PX-130
  • Casio PX-120

    Casio PX-120 - " Very good digital piano" has images


    Mechanics and texture of the keys is a very good quality, heavy keyboard more than semi approaching really a piano. 2 times the HP 8W stereo delivers sound very nice, a real piano study with rhythms, sounds and accompaniment. A very good digital p…

  • Casio PX-120

    Casio PX-120 - 86877's review


    All is said, I would add that aesthetics are not what they tread, Fortunately, in concert the sound is there to catch the look of the piano ... color beige and end table style is a total flop wood ... design side prefers yamaha p85 -1 For…

  • Casio PX-110

    Casio PX-110 - Redemptor's review


    88 piano keys touch 10 sounds MIDI IN and OUT, 2 headphone ports, two big jacks for pedals (one with) and a strange port hidden under the piano (marked pedal or something like that) The design is quite nice (much nicer than a P-70 in my opinio…

  • Casio PX-120

    Casio PX-120 - atiroocky's review


    See above, everything is well detailed. For the price, it is rare to find a rich configuration. UTILIZATION Touch is admirable. Not too hard (as some right or clavinova pianos) or too soft. He can play the classic easily. The "Hammer scale" (ke…

  • Casio PX-800

    Casio PX-800 - ZimZag's review


    88 keys, the account is good. Below is not a keyboard is a toy. We can add three effects, brightness, reverb and chorus. Indeed when you test the piano, be careful that people who have gone before you have any adjustment. Just put a gloss 4 0 a…

  • Casio PX-120

    Casio PX-120 - tux's review


    Spcificits product * Piano Keyboard 88 keys with touch sensitivity * Mcanisme CPZ scaled hammer Mk2 * 11 AiF tones * DSP effects qualitbr /> Technical Data * Maximum Polyphony 128 votes * Sounds 11 * Effects Brilliance (3 to +…

  • Casio PX-310

    Casio PX-310 - galyjip's review


    It is a 88 keys with touch dynamic (see the features on the site) Theoretically 157 sounds + 32 sounds and 10 drum kits. In fact there is some overlap so it is a little less but it's a lot. Some are very many other less. It can store 32 patterns …

  • Casio PX-410R

    Casio PX-410R - tof-algae's review


    Good morning. It is a 88-key keyboard heavy, agile, and finally that serapproche a real piano. Nomber for sound: uh, it's pretty important at all in some prs 700, with the possibility of CRER own. We all puet up almost 999sons! But hey, ho…

  • Casio PX-500L

    Casio PX-500L -'s review


    A lot of different sounds, especially a good sound of grand piano. Midi connections. Pedal comes with the piano. UTILIZATION Very nice touch, which suits me perfectly (recreation) Configuration rather simple, but a little confusing at first…