Casio PX-110
Casio PX-110

PX-110, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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Redemptor 05/11/2008

Casio PX-110 : Redemptor's user review


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88 piano keys touch
10 sounds
MIDI IN and OUT, 2 headphone ports, two big jacks for pedals (one with) and a strange port hidden under the piano (marked pedal or something like that)

The design is quite nice (much nicer than a P-70 in my opinion)


Good touch but after playing on a Clavinova found it much worse.
Opportunities shades are good enough, the buttons respond well.
The manual is unclear, but complete, it is most important.

EDIT: I do want to clarify that the speakers are pretty bad and that when the volume rises to more than half of it saturated a lot especially in the bass. The highs are pretty bad also sounds like organ and electric piano. For even against a bad headphone you can feel better sounds. I would also like to point out that since the speakers are integrated piano vibrates when you play, what is good (we "feel" the bass is great) but which can cause annoying vibration but very randomly and only on some frequencies (sometimes I spend 1 hour to screw everything and I put the piano on a damp cloth to do that but nothing still vibrates when you turn up the sound).


The piano is a rather beautiful and is the only stereo sound.
2, is dull, but sometimes it's nice to change the sound ...
Other sounds are not great but not bad either although I am not an expert in organ and harpsichord other
The term is pretty good but it is far from a real piano or keyboard more upscale

EDIT: about the effects: reverb and chorus.
The reverb can be increased which can be used but not so with the piano.
The chorus has its different ways, some a little more violent this can be useful if you want to have a strange sound (like church organ harpsichord + + chorus looks like nothing but funny).


I use this keyboard for a little over a year.

What I like most is the mobile side.
I carry everywhere with me (tram, bus, train ...) it is solid and fairly light.
What I miss most is high quality in the expression, but can we blame a piano of this price?

Initially I wanted a P-70 or SP250 finally I walked away with a px110

The value is more than adequate (€ 700 with cover, foot pedal and headset)

I think the SP250 might have been a better choice at the time but since I bought the px-110 I came in prepared and I now spend my time to lug between Toulouse and Bordeaux on my shoulder. The PX-110 is in my opinion the best choice given my frequent trips since.

EDIT: recently tried the higher end models in the store (especially the Roland FP7). You can feel the difference in the sound of the piano (the Roland has a better amplification and is best sampled) but in fact the px110 has a touch that is not ridiculous in comparison (I even found that some models like the P140 had a similar feel). So I postponed the purchase of a piano keyboard better next year