Focusrite Liquid Channel
Focusrite Liquid Channel

Liquid Channel, Channel Strip from Focusrite in the Liquid series.

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Jiem_971 09/25/2007

Focusrite Liquid Channel : Jiem_971's user review


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Focusrite Liquid Channel, a channel strip (2U), which combines the advantages of analog and digital.
found some preamp, a compressor section and some EQ. all you need is here!


It's a beautiful machine, solid, heavy as (normal with everything in it!). is a strip basic, it works how come nimporte high-end device of this type ...

the manual is very clear and limpid. j'aime bcp part question-answers because the questions asked of the manual are very perceptive, are not questions that arise right away ...


The sound of this rack is really amazing!

Initially, a machine that is supposed to "emulate" other large machines and processes the signal digitally by convolution and spits in annalogique You can leave a bit skeptical.

mm before me seeing him at work in a studio where I train, I was a little on my guard. but to force, I was seduced by the ergonomics and the prowess of this machine. In addition, there is a small button "Session Saver" which automatically lowers the dynamics of sound that passes through the preamp when activated if there is a potential clipping, which is very well thought!


I use it for 1 month.

I assure you that this machine is terrible! in fact, when loading a replica of preamp or compressor, the Liquid Channel behaves electrically and audibly as the machine in question, resistance and capacity values ​​changing according replicas. conversions are superior to any sound card and Apogee converters (and I mean it !!!).

The preamp section is fantastic, using replicas of the lamps are perfectly reproduced in + there is a knob "Harmonics" which adds odd harmonics of the 3rd and 5th order which has the effect of adding heat. driver is like the lamps of a preamp for a more crunchy and dirty (what the effect lamp!).
replica transistor Class A are also very well reproduced, there is a neutral law and its very specific to this type of preamp.

but the most phenomenal is the compressor section: indeed, one can choose to have the settings as machinery mm of origin or have settings where you can open any set ("Free mode" or "As Original Model mode "). Let me explain: if you charge a replica LA2A for example, and one is in "As Original Model mode", there will be only three available settings (output gain or make up the Focusrite, the threshold, and the ratio that use the machine as a compressor or as a limiter), ie the 3 settings available on a real basis LA2A!

I find it really crazy that Focusrite has thought of that! as in the example above, we really feel like a real LA2A hands ... also, the sound is the true LA2A appointment.

the compressor section of the Liquid Channel reacts as it emulates the real compressor and behaves as such, mm if the sound is not completely identical. but in all cases, the sound is often very close to the originals, sometimes the sound is identical mm along the lines (like Avalon VT 737, Distressor all series Focusrite, Manley Slam Drawmer 1960 and others).

of course, is my opinion, this is only my opinion, qqun else will be can not be agree with me ... mm me anyway, I think if qqun not bcp budget He can bet on this unit, knowing that he can find replicas of 40 preamps and compressors 40 and above, these replicas will bring him a very, very close to his original, if not the mm's sometimes!

I would do the choice is clear, mm if I think my next purchase will be more on a device purely "analog" of the genre or Tubetech Avalon ... we'll see (we can dream a little right?!? )