Focusrite Liquid Channel
Focusrite Liquid Channel

Liquid Channel, Channel Strip from Focusrite in the Liquid series.

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AudioTruth 01/05/2007

Focusrite Liquid Channel : AudioTruth's user review


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The emulation from the convolution process no longer has to prove itself, especially if it's done by Sintefex, which is the case for the liquid, this combo Mic pre - eq - comp 2U rack, weighing 9 Technology kg !!!!! Chandler Ltd. is not a! extremely strong, beautiful, intuitive front panel, complete connectivity and quality. Focusrite short again does not do things by half, it shows that they also use the machines they manufacture.


It turns on and off you go, very simple to access, everything is there before us ... but to turn the knobs!
One senses immediately the numerical approach of the product, it looks like a great plug-in with a very very big sound and very close to analog. It also feels that it is not analog, there is a "computing time" sound but the sound reacts as if it was analog and there, the convolution is really the difference. The sound is extremely defined but is digital so malleable, façonnable.L USB interface is a complete success, no crash depus 2 years, very practical. Frankly Focusrite is a registered engineer for, these are great products, sound quality and fanrication are waiting for you, I love this brand and the home studio too underestimated. The liquid channel is an absolute weapon, such as the 430MKII Isa, you have to make them sound and there is the difference between the engineers and home studio.


The preamp is generally excellent and impresses on some convolutions, Avalon, UA, Neve, Telefunken, Manley Slam (oawh) Focusrite are pure reéussites bombs.
But the convolutions of cuts are even better than the preamps for my taste: Tube tech, SSL, Pye, Api, Distressor (ouawh) and so on are real killings.
But the real strong point combinations: + Distressor Fearn preamp, Neve + Pye, Manley 33609J +? short these are couples that you change your sound, and frankly these combinations sound of hell, much better than Valon 737, or 6176 ...
Finally Eq digital sounds, but is by far the best EQ out of the market put the Neve or Api. In short, the Liquid is an excellent product in view of its capacity, ergonomics and sounds great, but it is analog and frankly it is so powerful that today is the tool easier to do ring.


I have a pair, almost 2 years, what I like least is .... I always look, everything is over, nothing bad or disappointing, nothing extraordinary except the possibility to mix and ergonomics (USB ...) you can just to prefer the high-end hardware such analogiquere Fearn, Neve, Api, but apart from very high maque the liquid is equal to all others.
I had the 737, 6176, Amek CIB, the API 7600, Chandler LTD1 and liquid, I finally kept a Liquid and a Chandler LTD1.