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Slate Digital Virtual Bus Compressors

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Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors
News Slate Digital VBC Virtual Buss Compressors

Slate Digital has announced the Virtual Buss Compressor (VBC).

VBC offer three analog modeled dynamic processors suited for program material.


Nuances of analog compressors have been modeled including the nonlinear characteristics of their transformers, tubes, vcas, amplifiers, phase distortions, harmonic distortions, and timing.


The first compressor is called the FG4014. It can compress program material, can be suited for all types of mixes and masters, and be suited to work on drum overheads and acoustic guitars.


The second compressor is called the FG8014. This analog compressor is a hybrid model of a British console compressor combined with characteristics of another compressor known for it’s red faceplate. It is suited for types of music including rock, pop, country, hip hop, house, and more.


The third compressor is called FG MU. It is modeled after the classic Fairchild 670, with added characteristics of two Vari MU compressors as well.


All of the compressors in the VBC bundle have a variable hi pass filter, and a mix knob that can be used to control the ratio of the compressed signal to the dry signal. The FG MU can be used in stereo and mid/side. Each compressor can be used in a series, and the series can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.


The series is also designed to make it easy to A/B/C the compressors on source material. Finally, VBC will come with stock presets.


Pricing & Availability:

VBC is in its final stages and will be released in November through the Slate Digital online store and Slate Digital retailers. It will have an intro price of $199.

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