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Palmer Eins Mini Head

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Palmer EINS
News Palmer EINS

After Drei, Palmer launches a new 1W mini guitar tube amp head called Eins.

The preamp is built around an ECC83; the power stage uses an ECC82 in single-ended operation. A solid state rectifier is designed to guarantee a wide dynamic range.

The only controls on the front panel of the amplifier between the input and the power switch/control light are the volume and and tone controls and a boost switch for boosting the gain.


The rear panel holds two surprises in store in addition to the Euro power socket and 8– and 16-ohm speaker outputs. A speaker simulation output makes it possible to input the EINS into a mixing desk, sound card, etc. A built-in load box means it isn’t necessary to connect speakers. The second surprise is the “high-impedance output”. This makes it possible to connect the EINS to another amplifier or use it as a preamp with power amps. It can also be integrated in a pedal board and used via looper as an overdrive/distortion effect.


Dimensions: 206 × 128 × 108mm; Weight: 2.2kg


Pricing: €248


For additional information, go to www.palmer-germany.com/mi/en/EINS-Full-Tube-Guitar-Amplifier-1W-PEINS.htm

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