TbT Audio TLs Maximizer [Freeware]
TbT Audio TLs Maximizer [Freeware]

TLs Maximizer [Freeware], Software compressor from TbT Audio.

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stefdu24 11/03/2011

TbT Audio TLs Maximizer [Freeware] : stefdu24's user review


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easy integration, as a lot of software VST Plugin Just unzip the file and copy the. dll in the directory of his favorite software, itself located in the Program on a PC thread


2Gig Athlon, with a table like Phonic Helixboard Firewire soundcard. I use Cubase Logic XS2 often and sometimes 5.
no concern for CPU, it works without problems.


I was looking for a compressor to output Output mix on the track. I am not disappointed, it compresses and color it, and when it is opened for the first time, the sound is 20 dB at once! (Well to me it did that). Hook the speakers!
therefore need a little tweaking to find a compromise compression / color but it's worth it by ear.
I tried it on acoustic guitars and voices, not bad too.
Freeware for one, is really the top, obviously you're not in the same register a UA Neve plug-in but must listen to the result, it can save the mix this stuff!