TbT Audio TLs Maximizer [Freeware]
TbT Audio TLs Maximizer [Freeware]

TLs Maximizer [Freeware], Software compressor from TbT Audio.

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manu147 04/28/2014

TbT Audio TLs Maximizer [Freeware] : manu147's user review

«  Very good limiter Free »

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win xp x86 ras


Its only flaw is that it has a bit of latency for the master is annoying but rarely for tracks is not great.

As a limiter for the master I have not found better free.

Paying there's elephant or max limit that are not bad, but not much better; little elephant hugely limit before the sound is rotten but must settle it and there's full of possibility and max limit has a great sound but not limited bit (compressed) as well as maximize elephant or TLS.

TLS maximize takes less resources than two meadows city and can greatly limit also need to adjust more dull (softer) closer to its sharp cutting treshold and is quickly screaming treble.
You can adjust the gain below zero with the right mouse button (the left brings back to 0)
You can set the envelope and transient algorithm more or less soft.
there's also a kind of distortion (body) and a 3 band eq but it can find the best quality even free.


Great for the master.