Waves V-Comp
Waves V-Comp

V-Comp, Software compressor from Waves.

stompboxjon 09/18/2012

Waves V-Comp : stompboxjon's user review

« Gave me a better mix »

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The Waves V-Comp is a vintage style compressor with an easy interface to understand. It has Input, Output Meter and Analog knobs, as well as the Limit Level, Ratio, Release and Attack knobs. That is all, it is modeled to recreated the sound of the vintage 2254 compressor that is a vintage hardware compressor. If you use the V-Comp effectively it can really put the final touches on your mix. I have never seen the manual for this plug in and didn’t need it. All of the basic functions are on the main interface and are very easy to use and to understand.


I have been using the V-Comp since 2009 after doing a compresson between it and the Waves SSL. I went with V Comp at the time because it seemed like the better choice and after having a chance to mess with it before I bought it, it seems to have the better tool to really bring some life to my mixes before I send out demo’s. The V-Comp really helped me get a better final mix. I think when I originally purchased it it was around 300 dollars. That seemed a little on the high end of the price range for me but when I had a chance to try it out I knew that I had to have it. I have used it on my PC and my Mac-book and it works great on both.


At the time the thing that I didn’t like about it was the price, but after using it for a few months and hearing the new quality of my mixes I knew that I had gotten my money’s worth pretty quick. I was 100 percent satisfied and other people around me could tell that something was different. The sound/compression quality of the V-Comp far exceeded my expectations and I would make the same choice again if I needed to. I loved it.