Waves V-Comp
Waves V-Comp

V-Comp, Software compressor from Waves.

moosers 08/09/2009

Waves V-Comp : moosers's user review


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I had no problems at all setting up and installing the new Waves Ltd. V-Comp compression plug-in.  The whole process was just as simple as installing any other plug-in and only took a few minutes.  After installing it I got into using it right away to see what it could do and I found that it didn’t take me too long to get accustomed to it.  While it may seem like there is a lot going on, it only adds to the amount of things that you can do with this powerful plug-in.  The interface has parameters for input, output, limit level, ratio, attack, release, and analog.  It also has a switch for limiting and a bypass switch embedded in the plug-in.  It actually has two release knobs, one of which is for the limiter and has a de-esser switch as well.  The meter is pretty cool looking and has options for input, output, and gain reduction.  I didn’t need a manual for the Waves Ltd. V-Comp and I don’t think one is necessary.


In terms of how well this plug-in will run, it really depends on what type of system you are running it on.  Since it is a powerful plug-in, it will take up a decent amount of processing power and for this reason I would really only recommend it using it with a powerful LE or HD system if you are running Pro Tools.  I have used it on a Pro Tools HD system and haven’t had any problems using a few at a time, but I do know that it will eat up some processing power if you want to use it on a LE system.


I’ve only been using the Waves Ltd. V-Comp for a few months but it has become a plug-in that I use pretty often within this time period.  It not only has a top notch tone quality but it easy to use for the most part and offers a ton of options and parameters, making it quite versatile.  The price of the plug-in isn’t cheap and for this reason I would really only recommend it to professional engineers and studio owners, but if you can afford it, it is definitely worth trying out.