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Thread AKAI MPD-32 Footswitchs Problem & More...

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1 AKAI MPD-32 Footswitchs Problem & More...
Hello, I have a problem setting CC MIDI or setting MIDI notes to each separately footswitchs (FS) in my MPD-32 Akai, have connected the two pedals in its respective inputs 1 & 2 before turn on the unit, push edit button, hit pedal one (in FS 1 jack) , press enter, and edit values, press enter again, go to second pedal, set others values and press enter, now the FS 1 & 2 take the last setting, I can not setting separate values for each pedal, it´s like Both FS were linked. Pls help.

Also, in the page 11 of manual MPD-32 says that exist an option (Last option) "Sustain", but in the real menu of my MPD-32 do not exist, been the last option Stop/Rec. Help pls.

Third: I´ve conected a MIDI keyboard controller thru MIDI din 5 pin (out) to MPD-32 (in) which is connected via USB to a laptop, in the manual it says it would function as a MIDI interfase and the notes played in the Keyboard-Controller must be transfered thru MPD-32 to the software in the computer, Ok It does, play on a note and it sounds; but when play 3 or 4 simultaneously notes (chord) and hold off the notes, some (not all) of them still sounds, like a sustain pedal were activated. It seems that the note off command do not were transmited, or too much info transmited and lost data transfer capability, how to fix pls, the only way I have found is to killMIDI button note off (like old panic button), but you can´t play a song and killmidi once time you play a chord in a complete song... pls help