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Questions before buying a new laptop



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1 Posted on 10/02/2018 at 06:03:51Direct link to this post
Hi guys,

I'm willing to buy a new laptop to produce music, and I have a few questions.

First one is about processors. I read that clockspeed is the most important thing when it comes to processors. I compared two processors on this website :
I compared the Intel i7-8750H and the Intel i7-7700HQ. On this website the 1st one gets a CPU mark of 12561 and the second 8844. But the 7700HQ as a 2.8Ghz clockspeed and the 8750H has a 2.2Ghz clockspeed. So my question is : What should I trust ? CPU mark or clockspeed ? And finally which one of these two is the best for music purposes ?

I saw lots of "TOP 10 laptops for music production", they look ok but none of these websites mentions the one I'd like to buy. However from what I read, it looks pretty strong in terms of components and for its price. I would just change the storage hard drive for something faster, but for the rest everything's fine.

So second question is : What do you think about this laptop ?

If you think of a better laptop for me I'd be glad to see it !
I can go up to 1200 €.

Thanks for your answers.


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