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Thread Wave to .CDA conversion software

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1 Wave to .CDA conversion software
Hello Forum Readers,

I am in the process of installing and tweaking a PC rig using the Emu 0404 sound card. Believe it or not, everything seems to be working ok as far as the system goes. For practice, I dumped a stereo mix off an audio cassette into Cubasis (the bundled DAW) and it recorded without a hitch. I saved the file and exported it to Wavelab Lite (the bundled wave editor) and so far, so good. The snag came when I wanted to burn my test file to CD and found that my options were limited to .WAV and AIFF formats. Being as my main purpose for setting this system up is to record stereo mixes, twiz them and burn CD masters, I am obviously going to need a .wav to .CDA converter program. Does anybody have any good suggestions?


Max Traxx
"cda" is not a sound file, its a pointer file used by cd-audio protocol.
you don't need a "converter", you need a burning program, like "Nero" for example, to burn your own audio cds from wav/mp3/aif/vob/etc... files.