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Thread Karaoke setup for PC - 2 mics?

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1 Karaoke setup for PC - 2 mics?
Hiya all, apologies but im really new to PC recording etc but what im asking im sure is a pretty simple thing.

What im looking to do is just use my PC as a karaoke machine with 2 mic inputs (therye the bigger mics that karaoke setups use that need power rather than the small headset mic types people use for online gaming etc)

So im guessing i need something with 2 inputs for the mics to plug into with 1 output to a Line In on a PC? maybe something simple with volume controls, reverb, echo etc on the mics?

Does anyone know a suitable piece of kit for this?

Any help would be great!

Ive got 2 days to try to get this set up! DOH!

Thanks all.