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Thread firepod questions????

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1 firepod questions????
So I have a few questions about using this piece of equipment and I'm not real familiar with this stuff so there some pretty basic questions.

1. I saw an example diagram of how/what you would hook into the FirePod and from the looks of things, the 8 inputs on the front look like they are TRS inputs, but in the diagram it showed mics hooking directly into these ports. How would you hook an XLR mic cable into a TRS input?


2. There are inputs for 8 separate instruments. Let's say I was recording a drum set and was using 5 mics for different sections of the drum set, when you record via FireWire and it goes into Cubase LE, are the 5 separate mics going to show up as 5 individual tracks so their levels and EQs can be adjusted separately or do all 5 mics just get blended into one track in Cubase?

Thanks for the help. If you think there's a Firewire interface that might be better, feel free to make recommendations!
1. the firepod is equipped with 8 mic preamps

2. every track remains separated in cubase