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Thread someone please help me!!

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1 someone please help me!!
hi! okay.. i've had this setup for a long time. my pc, Art pre-amp (the cheap one), a Studio Project B-1 condenser mic, a samson ch-700 headphone and M-Audio Revoluntion 7.1 soundcard.

I've recorded music fine for a year or two with excellent quality but i havent touched it since till now and its been about 8 months but all of a sudden, i hear distortion sound whenever i record. I close my windows and everything to make sure its silent like usual but i still hear buzzing sound for background and when i amplify the volume, it sounds like a interfierence of a radio signal or something? i heard a woman talking lol.. PLEASE help me! i never had this problem before until now. I tried everything, moving my sound soundcard to re-arranging my cables and stuff. My pre-amp doesnt seem to give as much as volume like it used to. I mean it was always kinda soft but I maxed the volumn for my pre-amp and my mics and all but its still soft...

but the wierd thing is when I inserted a normal pc microphone into my stock pc sound-card, the background noise seems to be gone...

someone help me please. thank you!!!