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Thread Centrino Duo???????

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1 Centrino Duo???????
I'm about to upgrade my laptop and have heard that Intel Centrino is not recommended for recording!
Is this true? If so, is Centrino Duo any better? All the laptops I have looked at so far have been Centrino Duo and I dont wana get one and find that its rubbish for recording (recording will be the sole use)

its not that i'm specifically looking at centrino duo laptops but all the laptops i've seen recently happen to be centrino duo - i'm not too bothered about battery life coz it will be plugged in most of the time but it needs to be a laptop coz i record in 2 different cities and would need to transport it very regularly. i just dont want to buy centrino duo if it will have a negative effect on my recording!
centrino duo is developed for laptop battery duration. therefore, it lowers its working frequency to consume less power, so the battery lasts longer.
recording is a high cpu and ram consuming activity, so what's the point of buying a centrino?
and in case you say that you are going to keep it plugged so you never use the battery, what's the point of buying a laptop? get a pc.
all new laptops have a centrino core because that's what the market is asking now, and the market is determined by what Intel wants you to buy.
i suggest you look into older laptops, with a pentium 4 cpu (absolutely no celerons!).
ok thanks