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Thread Computer buzz

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1 Computer buzz
Can any one help with a really bad buzz I have when I hook up my guitar to my computer.

My computer is a HP laptop pretty modern with all the usual bells and whistles.

I plug my guitar into the mic in jack

the guitar is a washburn steelstring accoustic with a built in pick up.

soon as i plug in the guitar I get a relly loud buzzing noise. funny thing is that when I touch the metal cover on the lead jack the buzz goes away completly and I have a crystal cear sound???
I have tried a couple of my mics and the produce no Buzz at all...anyone got any suggestions??
that sounds like a grounding issue. The laptop is giving off an electrical signal though the air, and i think your guitar strings are picking that up and amplifying it. when you touch the jack, you ground the connection. try moving away from the laptop, or just soldering a wire from the jack to a ground (the screw of an outlet will work). But this can be dangerous. Use caution, and don't elecrocute yourself.

the is probably another solution, maybe someone else knows?