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Thread conroe vs am2 with mobo and soundcard chipset compatibility -enter...

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1 conroe vs am2 with mobo and soundcard chipset compatibility -enter...
hi, im gray,

i want to set up my computer for recording (blatantly obvious) and my current PC's specs are: 80GB (don't know if it is ATA, IDE, SATA) HD, 512mb DDR400 Memory, Sapphire Radeon 9600XT AGP Gfx, Asus A7N8X-X motherboard, amd athlon 2600+ xp.

I'm upgrading. New motherboard. New CPU. New ram (DDR2 1gig dual core). More HARDDRIVE! (And bloody hell, will i really need a new GFX? I hope not. AGP phasing sucks!)
I'm thinking since Intel's new chip Conroe is available soon (it's flogging all of the FX chips from AMD btw) I will get the E6600 or below with a mobo that is compatible with AGP gfx and also the soundcard I'd like... which is a M-Audio Delta 1010LT.

Name me a motherboard that will support my graphic/sound/processor/hard drives (the possible IDE/ATA or whatever) and still be have firewire, usb 2.0, and everything else I need for a reasonable under $450 price!

Take a look at this website. These guys build really nice computers for audio (I bought one last year, and it works GREAT!) I know you want to roll your own, but you can go to their customization page and see what they're offering there. If their offering it, it probably works well.

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