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Thread moving from laptop to a pc

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1 moving from laptop to a pc
hey there. yesterday i posted a question about the sound card, today about the computer..., i use to record my music using a simpe thinkpad laptop, tascam us-122, and alesis qs8 keyboard. the tascam broke, i think i'm gonna get another one , and i want to buy a p.c.
i work with Qbase, wouldn't mind transfering to nuendo, working through midi, but would like the option of adding audio in the future, i need everything to sound extra good, i need my work to be done at home.
can anyone recomend the tipe, or specification of the computer (i know nothing of it) and is my decision of going again with an external sound card is good?
thanks guys, for the trouble...
the external soundcard is fine. for a computer, first tell us how much your willing to spend.
around 1000 $, would like less, of course...