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Thread delay when recording

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1 delay when recording
im using a m-audio mobile pre soundcard with logic 5.5.0 on my laptop.when im on logic if i have a guitar plugged in i hit a string then it comes out of the speakers a second or 2 later.if any1 could help me that would be good
maybe its a driver problem
you should go with the ASIO drivers that come with your M-Audio mobilepre. They will give you the best performance.
Then you can set latency from the Mobile Pre's control panel directly
I'm using Cubase 5.1 with a Mobile Pre. I monitor through headphones on my mixing board when I'm dubbing over tracks, and I mute in Cubase whichever channel I'm recording. The channel still records what I play, and it's still in sync with the other tracks. So basically the monitored stuff being recorded doesn't have to be processed through the computer. You can do this without a mixing board as well. Just monitor through the headphone jack on the mobile pre. I don't use the mobile pre's jack because if I'm recording on channel 1, I only hear what's being recorded in the left ear---very distracting.

I use to do this with Delta 2044's all the time. I've also found that the mobile pre tends to be a little bit crackly. I've tested it on my laptop and my desktop and it seems to do it on both computers.