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Thread External HD Issue

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Topic External HD Issue
My laptop (mac book and G4) does not reconize my external hd. Heres the issue, yesterday I was doing some recording off my external. The pro tools software had crashed so I had to power down the my system but when I did my external wouldn't come up, so after about 5 minutes of waiting to see if anything would happen with my hd I get a pop-up that says "This computer can not read" then I had 3 options to click on "Initialize" "Cancel" and "Eject"..

This is a major problem for me since I have about 7 songs finished for an album that Im recording, and no I havent backed it up. I know "Idiot".. BIG Lesson learned

Any suggestions.. Need some help...
have you tried to hook the HD up to a different computer? I had an external HD crash on me once. I had trouble running recovery software because I was not able to use the software on an external drive. i had to remove the outer case and install it as an internal drive. once I did that I was able to recover 90% of my data.

Good luck,

Hi n2themuzic!
(Sorry about my bad english)
Your problem is probably this: your mount point is damaged. The Computer can not mount the HD. Your data is still there! Try disk warrior or Tech Tool. These programms can rebuild the structures on the HD. Do backups! If you may, you can initialize your HD (after saving your data) and the override the HD with random data.
I hope (and i think) this will help you!
good luck