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Hi all, am a new user and this is my first post so hope someone can help.

Have a small MIDI yamaha keyboard linked up to the PC using the Joystick port but try as I might can not get anything to register on screen or hear anything through the speakers. I have the following software;

Cubase SX
Digital orchestrator pro
Magix music studio gen 6 deluxe

The DO pro told me the correct device drivers were not installed for MIDI - cubase did not show anything for MIDI input. I downloaded MIDI yoke which now shows several things as MIDI inputs and I am getting more and more confused!!

Basically, what I want to do is use (ideally cubase) to play / record a roland D110 module through a yamaha MIDI keyboard and to also be able to play / record various VST instruments which I seem to have been able to dowload, especially things such as DX7, alpha Juno etc, none of this seems remotely possible at present and I would welcome some help.

Thanks in advance......:(
You could make things a bit easier on yourself by purchasing a small midi interface (a 2-port interface can be had cheaply) instead of trying to use the joystick port as a midi I/O. The interface will come with drivers that will appear in Cubase as midi in and midi out port selections. You will also need a standard midi cable that you will connect from your keyboard's midi out port to an interface midi in port. Any hardware synth you want to play with your keyboard will reqiuire a cabled connection from an interface midi out port to your hardware synth's midi in port.

All that would be required to play a virtual instrument in Cubase is that you select the midi in port that your keyboard controller is connected to on the interface as the input for the track you have the virtual instrument assigned to in Cube's track inspector section of the project window.

I am still in process of curing a similar problem but have a few points to make which may help.

I too have a midi interface connected to the midi/joystick port and relying on drivers for my MWave soundcard in my Thinkpad. After weeks of no response on playback, although midi is received, I have now realised that my Roland Alpha Juno is the item in my midi chain not responding, acting as it is as my master keyboard. BUT if you go to the 'Multimedia' section of your Devices Manager, and look into the Midi Tab, you will see you can select further options for your midiport... Then reselect all possible outputs in Cubase. I am not running SX, only earlier VST so cannot help here.

So, yes your joystick/midi option should work. If lucky enough to have the midi plug ends labelled 'in/out' then remember, out from PC to in on master keyboard!



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