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Thread Any help regarding connection to a PC?

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1 Any help regarding connection to a PC?
Hi, I may be buying a Fostex 812 mixing console. I was wondering if anyone can help me here as i'm fairly new to all this. I know there are separate outputs for each channel on this mixer. The bit I don't understand is - if I wanted to feed the signal from the mixer into a PC with an upgraded soundcard would I just take a jack out of the main out, then computer would still be able to interperate each track individually for recording. Or do I need some sort of unit in between the mixer and PC to connect all the channels into say a USB output that can carry them all at once then into the computer. Sorry if that was a bit long winded.

The second thing is when controling the levels on playback do you have to take a line back out of the computer into the desk, creating like a loop. And also what would be a good program for just recording real instruments onto a computer?


Ok if you connect the mixer to the pc with the main outputs then signal from all the channels will go to your pc.
If you connect it this way you can not alter each channel from inside the computer, if you wanted to do so then you would have to have a soundcard
with many inputs and connect each separate output from the mixers channel to the soundcard inputs.
Take a look at some products from m-audio they have soundcards with multiple inputs.
I think one of the best ways to be abale to record individual tracks is to get an interface. Just like Surfer said m-adio makes some. If your going to record drums then you would need an eight track one. I believe the pre-sonus firepod is an eight channel pre-amp/interface. How many inputs would you like to be able to record at once?