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Thread i need an wav to mp3 converter!

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Topic i need an wav to mp3 converter!
I have downloaded about 6 different "wav to mp3 converters" and none of them have worked, except for ONCE, the very first one converted one file. Then a couple days later I tried to convert another but the program disappeared when I pressed convert. I uninstalled and installed a new program, but this one did the exact same thing. Uninstalled and installed AWave but I'm pretty sure AWave was the one that said it would only convert the first 60s for me. That's useless. Uninstall and installed another. This one seemed to convert the files fine, then I checked them and they were pure static. Uninstalled and installed another, this time it was as if the program was a joke. I would browse and choose the wav file i wanted and click open or select or w/e it was, and nothin would happen. Except, when i chose the wav file that had an mp3 with the same name, it was like sure okay ill convert this one. what is going on im flippin out this is ridiculous. someone please help i feel like my computer has gone retarded! is this a dll or codec problem? i dunno anything about that stuff.
I recommend switch sound recorder / converter.


Freeware (free to use) and very fast & stable.

Any audio / Mp3 editing and converting software will be of use. Suggests FlexiMusic Wave Editor. Play the wav file software, then using the "Save As" command, convert and save the wav file as Mp3. To save the file as Mp3, need to install a separate command line Mp3 encoder/ decoder. Lame win 32 will be of use.
I use audacity with the lame mp3 encoder added. With this, you can load up the wave file, and then export it as MP3.

Another way is using www.media-convert.com . this is an online conversion, and lets you convert between many different formats.