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Thread Help RME FF400 users w/ notebook

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1 Help RME FF400 users w/ notebook
just bought a RME Fireface 400 ,I want to buy the right notebook the 1st time round. Do U use one with a Notebook as DAW? Know anyone that does?
Im looking for someone who can give me specific advice; this brand and model work great with FF 400.
Looking for a new one. Been thinking about the Mucis XPC M4- a laptop DAW, with already tweaked XP. for 2,000. Problem is I live in Switzerland and cant find anyone in all of europe who sells them. Also looking at a Hewlett Packard something w/ Intel Core2 Duo Processor T2500, 2GHz , they start at around 1,900, again theres so many to choose from.
Be great if someone can set me straight. Thanks Michel