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Thread Adding 2nd Hard Drive

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Topic Adding 2nd Hard Drive
Hey all....
I'm trying to add a 2nd hard drive to my current setup..

AMD Athlon 65 2800
1.5 Gig Ram

I pulled a 20 gig IBM Deskstar out of my previous computer, but am unsure of what to set the jumper as for it to be a slave.

My primary is my Hard Drive, my secondary is my DVD burner.

Here are the jumper options for the hard drive I want to put in....

I know my master is at 'cable select'


16 Heads - Device 0 (Master)
16 Heads - Device 1 (Slave)
16 Heads - Cable Select
16 Heads - Dev 0 Forcing Dev 1 Present

15 Heads - Device 0 (Master)
15 Heads - Device 1 (Slave)
15 Heads - Cable Select
15 Heads - Dev 0 Forcing Dev 1 Present

2GB Clip - Dev 0 (Master)
2GB Clip - Dev 1 (Slave)
2GB Clip - Cable Select
2GB Clip - Dev 0 Forcing Dev 1 Present

Auto Spin Disable - Device 0 (Master)
Auto Spin Disable - Device 1 (Slave)
Auto Spin Disable - Cable Select
Auto Spin Disable - Dev 0 Forcing Dev 1 Present
First of all, make sure your pc is completely powered down and unplug it from the power outlet. You need to connect your DVD to the secondary IDE port so you will need another IDE cable if you haven't already. NOTE: You might need to use an 80-conductor ribbon IDE cable for your HD to operate at ATA-133.

Make sure the drives and DVD are jumpered as follows: main HD - master, newer HD - slave, and DVD - master. You can see the jumper setting either at the hard disk label or above the jumpers themselves; usually labelled MA-master, SL-slave, and CS-cable select.

Connect both hard disks to one IDE cable while you connect the DVD to another different cable. The IDE cable with the HD's should be connected to the Primary IDE port while the DVD to the secondary IDE port. Don't forget to connect the HD and DVD power cables!

When everything is properly connected and firmly installed, reconnect the power mains and power up your system. Proceed immediately to BIOS setup and set the drives to auto - you can set the secondary slave to none because nothing is connected anyway. Save the settings and restart. You may have to format the new drive - be careful not to format your main HD!