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Thread Sound cards and iMac g5

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1 Sound cards and iMac g5
I'm a beginner just getting into recording. I'm trying to decide between MAC and PC. I really want to be able to use Logic Pro and this may really influence my decision. I don't know how good of a sound card the iMac G5 has..Does anyone know what I would need to upgrade it to? Or is this not a good computer to use at all for recording? If it isn't then I will probably go to PC because the Power Mac's are expensive. Can I get Logic Pro on PC in a newer version besides 5? Any help would be appreciated.
You can buy some of M-Audio sound card. They are Mac and Pc compatable.
I don't think the versions of Logic audio above 5 can work on a PC. There are many other softwraes which are built specifically for PC, tou should try one of these!
I am a Imac G5 User I have had no problems with the stock sound card. I am running Pro Tools LE 6.4, don't want to take the time to upgrade to 6.9. (O.K. im scared) Everything is working fine I dont want to change nothing. If you go with the G5 make sure you get at least a gig of ram ofcourse. I've never used logic but I got a friend that uses it I did like it but I wanted to go with the industry standards. So far its been great I can take my tracked songs to a post studio and go to work, no hassles! Hope that helped you out! Good Luck!
I would recommend at least a Presonus "Firebox". From what I've heard it works pretty smoothly with Logic 7.

Also, it comes with Cubase LE, which is a pretty good application in itself.
Out of the box, the FirePOD works great on OSX. No drivers or software to install and it even works with Garage Band.