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Thread Best and Fast Hard Disk for Audio

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Topic Best and Fast Hard Disk for Audio
Hi everybody,
This is topic for you and everyone who wants to helps tellingand (if possible) explaining why:

Which Hard Disk is better and faster to run a dedicated audio system, with sequencer, virtual synths, sampler, etc..??

Give your hand

I personnaly use Seagate Hard Drives. The advantages I find are:
- it doesn't heat too much
- low noise
- high performances

I don't use SCSI bus, DMA100 seems to be enough to record 8 tracks and record 10 other pre-recorded at the same time.
Again, I agree with Krowns...ATA 100 ids more than enough, you'll be fine with that. SCSI is overkill, and the SATA 150 drives are still a little too flaky. You'll never overrun throughput on the ATA100 stuff using Sonar or whatever...