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Thread Best Operating System (OS) to work with Audio

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Topic Best Operating System (OS) to work with Audio
Hi everybody,
This is topic for you and everyone who wants to helps tellingand (if possible) explaining why:

Which Operating System (OS) is better to run a dedicated audio system, with sequencer, virtual synths, sampler, etc..??

Give your hand

Right now the best OS for Audio would be Windows 98 SE. It has the most compatibity with audio drivers and hardware. When the driver support improves, Go with WIN XP. Its more stable and supports NTFS file system for added security and performance
hi again,
for audio, xp is the best. Format drive C NTFS file system for all your programs, vst instruments included.The other drives where you will keep your audio and midi and sound files, use FAT 32 system.By install from scratch use f5 by the first reboot and choose standard pc instead off ACPI, so your soundcard will get an exclusive IRQ port.

chris at www.tsunamimusic.be
I tried to use both FAT32 and NTFS and I haven't found better performance in stability or in latency (2.66 ms effective in the two cases)....

in my audio card drivers guide (kx driver for audigy) I also find that it doesn't matter....
XP hands down is the winner. Especially with a good intel board, A P4, and Sonar 3.
Hey folks,

I notice some enthusiasm for XP, but I've had a lot of troubles with it (some musical, and some video problems - i.e. my camcorder is a nightmare on XP but was better on ME!) My main problems with music were that my motherboard has on-board sound, I have a decent soundcard and I also have a Bluetooth dongle. Even if I disable the onboard sound in the BIOS, Cubase still tries to use it. And when I finally disable it within system devices, Cubase will only let me use the Bluetooth audio. Finally, when I physically remove the dongle, Cubase lets me use my decent soundcard! I'm never given a choice over which one to use.

I never had any of these sorts of problems on 98SE or Me. Does anyone else have issues with XP, or am I just cursed? :(

By the way, I know nothing about Macs, but a friend has told me that Mac OS is a much better platform for recording music. How do you guys rate it against 98SE and XP for stability and performance?

Cheers folks!

Xp tuning.
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regards pax