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Thread Need to cut parts off song,wat i use?

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1 Need to cut parts off song,wat i use?
i dunno wat i use or how i would go about editing an mp3,its for my sisters dance class and she needs like a good min cut off of it, so if u can help, id'd b appreciated
i actually do the same for my sister, i usedto use cool edit pro, now i use adobe audition....

This guy is free. I use it and it works well. Its fast and has effects, and you can do everything you need to including chop up your wave files, trim the front, trim the ends, etc. The pro version will save compresses audio. The free does everything but that. I don't care about compressed audio too much since space is cheap these days.

Try it out. Its free so what can you lose?
Hey, i was wondering the same thing, searched on google, found this site and saw your post. i read below that the guy used EXP Studio audio editor. i tried i and it did exactly what i wanted it to. Amazing!:D it even changed my mp3 file that i cut half the end off and converted it to a wav. file. i didn't care, its sweet!