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Thread Too much hiss!

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1 Too much hiss!
My studio set up is through my computer. I will tell you what I am using first. 2.8 mgz, 1500 mg ram, 160 g HD, Adobe Audition on Win XP Pro SR@. Audigy soundcard. I have a Behringer Eurorack UB1204FXPRO mixer plugged into my soundcard. I have the "line-in" turned up on the soundcard so that the recording levels are ok. So, when I set my levels on the mixer and bring up the mains, I get MASSIVE hissing. It is so bad that on the record levels meter in Audition, the hissing alone is at about 1/3. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know that Audition has hissing and noise reduction but it seems like this amount of hissing is excessive.

jaebea :/
Could be your source or signal that you're trying to record is too low. There could also be an impedance mismatch between your mixer's outputs and your soundcard's line in's. To be honest, your soundcard is not exactly the best for audio recording, though I've used an SBLive previously. Also, the Audigy limits you to 48 kHz sampling rate; anything other than that and it samplerate converts - I'm a bit leery of samplerate conversion, as a whole.

Check out this article at Tweakheadz for proper mixer connections. Interestingly, the article features your exact same mixer. While you're at Tweak's, check out their other articles; makes for a fine read.