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Thread Best Laptop?

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1 Best Laptop?
i am currently wanting to build a little home studio, i am guitarist and would be mainly recording guitar, bass and vocals and mixing it with other tracks using Adobe Audition. i was looking into some m-audio sounds cards, quite possibly the firewire 410. i want this little setup to be very portable and was wondering which laptop in the market would be best. price doesnt matter. i was also wondering if anyone could recommend me a pretty good synth too.

thx in advanced
For the laptop, I am trying to make the same decicion. I made a post contrasting the two "Please help! Mac or PC?" that you might find useful. Baisically the bottom line is: Get a Mac if you dont know computers and aren't interested in spending extra time messing with your computers settings. Get a PC if you want to spend the time making it run fast. A streamlined PC designed for audio recording will perform better than a Mac, simpily because its designed for one task.

As for the synth, I have a Alesis QS8.1 that im very satisfied with.